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*The Holomovement Project*
The unpredictable chaos inherent in the cycle of life & death inevitably thwarts mans attempts to control & dominate our environment. Humans pour concrete, pave over, tame whats wild - in search of our shiny, clean, idyllic perfection . . .
But nature cracks and fissures, corrodes and oxidizes, decays and rusts . . .
Is this death or life fighting back?
The fractalyc patterns produced by this interplay are visual representations of the balance & intermeshing of nature & human - a beautiful, violent, conflicted, ever-evolving relationship.

Using these patterns as a pallete, The Holomovement Project is intended to represent a world that blends the tangible with the fantastical & surreal, where observations of the external world blend with subconscious alterations & abstractions. The subconscious dissolves all boundaries between external & internal, self & environment, individual & collective, intent & actuality - evidence that if the will exists, we all have the ability to sculpt our own reality.

~ Conor Simpson 2007

“Old realities die, new things become my reality. The rigidity of my personality is dissolved, a new pattern is slowly allowed to coalesce. The ferocious desire for pattern itself is tamed, and I begin to look at my former pattern as just one possibility among many. I become less rigid, more tolerant. I see that all that really exists is fusability and creativity . . .”
~ Morris Berman
The Reenchantment of the World