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{THE MAKING OF} part I: In the studio with Makaya McCraven
This film is composed entirely of about 2000 still photographs shot with a Nikon D300 in Makaya McCraven's home studio over the course of 2 hours on one fine fall afternoon in Chicago. Makaya created all of this music in the 2 hours I spent with him, and then mixed it all together and sent me the track to cut the images to.

photography & cuts by Conor Simpson

This is part I of a new series entitled {THE MAKING OF}.

{THE MAKING OF} is a series of short documentaries about creating art, music, life, reality, dreams.
By spending a short time with a wide spectrum of unique and interesting people and documenting their process of creation, {THE MAKING OF} series seeks to highlight all that goes into the creative process and observe just how unique each creator's process truly is.
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